DIDO Solutions is here to service you the best we way can from consulting services to a comprehensive testing environment

"DIDO Solutions approaches the problem of distributed computing as it would approach any engineering problem ... through lifecycle management. Distributed systems not only use distributed computers, they also use a distributed Community of Interest (CoI) to create specifications, provide implementations, test and maintain the final system."
Robert W. Stavros

DIDO Test Environment (DIDO TE)

DIDO Solutions main product is the DIDO TE, based on the DIDO-RA is the 1st product to provide a distributed testing environment as a service for a wide audience. From personal experimentation to a reliable infrastructure for large companies and analytical insights for government agencies, the testing environment is capable of deploying a network of nodes for use-cases such as; peer-to-peer, blockchains with smart-contracts, and clustered applications in 30 seconds or less. The best part is that a functioning prototype is already built.

Consulting Services

We offer three services: Management, Engineering and Procurement. For Management, we offer guidance and training through the hype of current DIDO Technologies to focus precious R&D budgets on getting the best return on investment. In terms of engineering services, we help engineering teams be successful when trying to build solutions based on DIDO Technologies. Lastly Procurement, a framework for specifying functional and nonfunctional requirements for use during the acquisition process.


Any Individual, corporation, government or organization interested in designing and developing a distributed system.