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Distribtuive Technology in the BFSI Sector

With the interest in cryptocurrency on the rise even slow to move stalwarts of the money world like the Federal Reserve and Bank of England are interested in using this technology in regulation. Our testing environment is the perfect place for them to test out other currencies before introducing them to the market. Since both groups have a large gravitas in the banking world, other banks would be interested in going where they go.
“From Data Privacy laws, Hospitals, Specialists, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), the patient's privacy concerns, and Insurance. The EHR is the perfect example for the DIDO Testing Environment.”
Ian Stavros, CEO/Founder
DIDO Solutions



Many government regulatory bodies and major banks are interested in cryptocurrency technology and want to know which will be best for their government to use. How much energy does the system use, how secure is the system, how traceable is the system, how well does it interoperate, does this update cause any major problems that could have billions or trillions of dollars just disappear?

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DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, Cryptocurrencies, described by OMG Standards Group


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