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Ian T. Stavros
CEO, Founder
Bryan A. Turek
CTO, Founder
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A. Z. Swanepoel
Digital Web Wizard
about us

With our combined 60+ years in defense software technology.

DIDO Solutions is a small consulting firm familiar with secure, distributed, decentralized real-time messaging protocols, especially the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) family of Standards and the companies that have implemented these standards.

DIDO Solutions has demonstrated how to use standard messaging protocols across the internet to demonstrate real-time, serverless collaboration tools such as a document editor, chat and forms. DIDO Solutions has also been engaged with the OMG in the development of many of the DDS family of standards and has demonstrated the ability to help new standards within the family of standards.


We are a Public Benefit Corporation meaning a portion of our profits go to non tax deductible projects that benefit the society in some way.

Our History

DIDO Solutions started after the founders working under Jackrabbit Consulting decided to start a company around their research for DARPA looking at blockchains use in the internet.

Our Mission

To reduce risks associated with distributed products by helping evaluate functional and non-functional quality requirements and use portion of our profits to benefit society


Giving Back To Our Community

Our purpose is to use the technology we develop to generate revenue that can be used to give back to the community that we are apart of

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A high-quality solution for those looking to explore distributed technology

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