Energy & Utilities

Distributed Technology in the Energy & Utilities Sectors

Energy and Utilities are part of the infrastructure that has unfortunately made the news lately with the Texas Grid Failure and the Gas Pipeline failure in the southern USA. Since DIDOs are not just decentralized, they are distributed allowing for each device in the “smart” and can provide redundancy for each other. Currently, DIDOs are used in a few different areas including managing wind farms, various Microgrid management and integration functions, better management of existing Dynamic Disturbance Recording (DDR) systems and Load balancing.

There are a number of standards bodies and consortium engaged in Smart Grid consortiuums: USA DOE Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC), Consortium for the Intelligent Management of the Electric Power Grid (CIMEG),Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR), Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), ANSI C12.18-22, and IEC 61107.

“With a Cyber-attack which forced a shutdown of one of the US’s largest fuel pipelines demonstrated, the need for testing of Distributed Systems to malware is critical to our infrastructure. However, how do you test real distributed systems against a malware attack? The reality it is that is very difficult. No one wants to be the company that accidentally releases real malware into the wild while they were testing for ruggedness against malware attacks. That is where building a virtualized network of nodes that run actual smart-grid software using a virtualized network comes in.”
Robert Stavros, Founder
DIDO Solutions


Tactical Microgrid Standard (TMS)

The Tactical Microgrid Standard (TMS) is a new proposed standard for power systems. TMS was developed to lower costs and increase performance for the Department of Defense (DoD), private industry, and residential users. Power grids face a range of increasing challenges:

  • Natural disasters of increasing frequency and impact
  • Man-made interference or malicious attacks
  • The inclusion of new technologies that produce and consume power
  • Better integration of components to provide system-level behaviors
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DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, Tactical Microgrid Standard (TSM), described by Data Distribution Service Foundation (DDSF)

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