Distributed Technology in Government

Currently, there are few to no full scale usage within Governments that use blockchains, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), etc. here are however, quite a few distributed systems that can be classified as DIDOs that are currently being used. There are many pilot projects such as State registrations and voting. Some examples are Air Traffic Control, Military Command and Control (C2), Military Micro-grids, industrial control systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). There are some Countries that currently creating their own digital currencies such as China.

An important aspect of government is to provide stability and security for assets. These assets can be currencies or titles for land and equipment such as cars. There is also a need for long lasting durable records such as those associated with births, marriages, education, and deaths. Consequently, these assets need to be kept safe which requires a lot of testing of the systems and documents before they go on line. What is the value of a diploma if they can be forged or hacked? How can the government issue identification papers if the systems that store these assets can be hacked?

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Blockchain Voting Systems

Blockchains provide a great solution for the voter’s ballot. With immutable timestamped data, we can see who which politician was selected, when it was selected, where was it selected, what was inserted, when it was inserted, where it was inserted, and who had access to it.

However, how do you know the system operates the way they say? An exploitative error in the system can shift an election from fair and free to authoritarian

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DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, Voting System, described by

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