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Distributed Technology in the Transportation Sector

Transportation by its nature requires the movement of people and goods across distances. Sometimes the transportation can be faster than the speed of sound (i.e., Military aircraft) and sometimes it can be relatively slow. In either case, there can be large amounts of time when the transports are not in contact with the rest of the transportation system or has limited bandwidth to receive and transmit data.

Much of transportation is directly related to Command and Control (C2) and the more data that is held locally within a DIDO the better, however, when there is connectivity, the data requires redressing through the system (i.e., the transport vehicles and the C2 centers). It is also possible that in a distributes system that the transport vehicles could communicate with each other bypassing tradition client-server architecture. Afterall, it is most important for the vehicles to know their proximity to each other than for a centralized system to know where they are.

“There is a lack of trust amongst the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs) actors, consequently there flow of information between the actors is slow, complex and cumbersome. By having a virtualized testing environment, many of the issues can be addressed long before real assets are committed. It allows for the tricky questions to be asked like what happens if we transfer materials and goods when there is limited connectivity?”
Robert W. Stavros, Founder
DIDO Solutions



ProRail needs a reliable, real-time and fault-tolerant data-sharing platform to manage critical information within the Dutch railway network. With more than six thousand trains and 1.2 million passengers traveling on it on a daily basis, the Netherlands railway system is one of the busiest in Europe.

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DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, ProRail, described by Data Distribution Service Foundation (DDSF)

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