Distributive Technology in Defense

Defense covers a mammoth area from small microprocessors to the use of powerful supercomputers. Often many of the tasks are mission critical in nature requiring the integration of system building over decades. The systems can range over large geographic areas, with long time frames and require the segregation of information into levels of “need to know” that need to be kept separate. Also see Supply Chain.

Integration and testing large defense can be expensive, time consuming and fraught with finger pointing when expensive distributed systems fail or are kludgy. The integration and interoperability issues can be tested on virtualized nodes with virtualized networks using standardized testing. It also allows for testing to be conducted in parallel.

“Solutions can help organize Communities of Interest (CoI) that are international, joint or even cross program office. The CoIs can also be consortia of Military and private coirporations dedicated to solving the use of common data models, standardized tests, interoperabioity and portabioity testing.”
Robert Stavros, Founder
DIDO Solutions

Example Case Study

Joint Operations

Joint Operations are complex endeavors with lots of moving parts, however it gets even more so when done with distributed systems. Integration and Interoperability must be seamless. We all know what happens when something goes wrong, results can be costly and potentially deadly. Some examples of joint operation scenarios are:

  • Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA)
  • NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)
  • Tactical Microgrid Standard (TSM)

Using virtualized components and a virtualized network allows development and testing of standard compliant distributed implementations to be conducted in parallel, at a low cost, and on different time schedules for each development team.

DIDO Solutions has your back!

DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, General Vehicle Architecture (GVA), described by Data Distribution Service Foundation (DDSF)

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