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Distributive Technology's involvement within the Healthcare Industry

Currently, there is a lot of interest focusing DIDOs for healthcare. Most of the efforts are not Community of Interest (CoI) based, but rather based on individual efforts and solutions from individual corporations or organizations. Some of the better known solutions are GuardTime, Carechain, MedRed, Dovetail and MedicalChain.

Although this efforts have made progress, it will probably require the efforts of a CoI to proposed standards for the Data Objects (i.e., Smart Contracts), and the exchange of information between the various platforms.

There is little chance that an individual solution will be able to be the one ring to rule them all. The Communities need to distance themselves from implementations and focus on the Data at-rest and in-motion as well as the APIs required to access the data. Adding to the complexity are rules and regulations that protect patients privacy which also requires the COI to help define and establish the rules for storing data on a DIDO.

“From Data Privacy laws, Hospitals, Specialists, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), the patient's privacy concerns, and Insurance. The EHR is the perfect example for the DIDO Testing Environment.”
Ian Stavros, CEO/Founder
DIDO Solutions


Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) scenario is perfectly suited for our DIDO-TE product due to being distributed in nature. There are conflicting interests at work in the Medical area. The need for information about a patient in order to care for the patient versus Data Protection and the privacy concerns for patient’s privacy. The following are some of the restrictions that apply in California alone:

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