Distributed Technology in Agriculture

By nature Agriculture is an ideal for using distributed technologies because very little about agriculture is centralized. The fields are geographically isolated and separated from each other. The activities on the fields are distributed over a years using a wide range of expensive equipment and tools that have lifespans of decades. Also see Supply Chain.

By creating a virtualized testing environment with nodes that represents agricultural specific actors, the various components can be integrated and tested using a mix of technologies and a mix of versions. Agriculture by nature is Brownfield that can span generations.

"On February 24, 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order on “America's Supply Chains,” which directs several Federal agency actions to secure and strengthen America's supply chains. One of these directions is for the Secretary of Agriculture (the Secretary) to submit, within one year, a report to the President that assesses the supply chains for the production of agricultural commodities and food products. This is exactly what our technology was made for!"
Robert Stavros, Founder
DIDO Solutions


Supply Chain

A Supply Chain covers the entire system of producing and delivering a product or service, from the initial sourcing of raw materials to the final delivery to end consumers. In other words, the supply chain defines the entire production process, including all the adjunct activities involved at each step of the supply chain. It includes the information flow, natural resources transformed into useful materials, human resources, and any other components (i.e., packing materials, shipping containers, energy consumption) that are perceived as part of the final finished product or service.

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DIDO Solutions can provide virtualized nodes and networks for case scenario, Supply Chain, described by Object Management Group (OMG) Standards Organization

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