Governance Guides and Their Purpose

In addition to the legal documents governing the activities of a community of interest (CoI), many CoIs create a simple, easily understood guide to help its members maneuver through and understand all the governing statements contained in the statutes, charter, bylaws, parliamentary authority, special rules, custom practices, and standing rules associated with that particular CoI. …

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What are DIDO Communities of Interest (CoI)?

As introduced in Section 2.1, a DIDO community is a community of interest (CoI) responsible for the architecture, design, implementation, maintenance, and eventual sunset (yes, all good things come to an end) of DIDO networks and its DIDO nodes. DIDO communities should have a well-documented, repeatable, traceable, transparent, and unbiased process that is managed and …

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Why Governance Matters!

For practical reasons, the acronym Distributed Immutable Data Object (DIDO) represents a set of distributed computing technologies that focus on distributed data (i.e., blockchains, distributed ledgers, distributed file systems or distributed data). A major problem confronting the adoption of DIDO technologies is that it requires shifting away from corporate models of governance to an open …

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