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Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Non-Profits and the Public Sector

While technology has revolutionized the private sector overnight, the public sector has been slower to adopt due to a unique set of challenges such as budgetary and funding concerns, government approvals, lack of resources, and citizen and student need. 

The public sector and non-profit industries often focus on cost minimization, so having efficient services is at the forefront of their needs. The cloud brings solutions such as smart cities, connected asset tracking & security monitoring to life along with compliance and reliability.

Onica’s vast experience with infrastructure optimization and modernization enables state and local governments and educational entities to revolutionize operations. 

“We brought Onica on-board very early to consult on our project and were impressed with their level of expertise. After delivering a successful migration and implementation solution which helped us transition to AWS, Onica continues to work closely with our team to provide round the clock expert support.”
Director, Innovative Travel Solutions
Vancouver Airport Authority
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Orange County Registrar of Voters: Architecting a Secure and Scalable Environment on AWS

The Orange County Registrar of Voters (OCROV), California serves 1.6 million registered voters. During election cycles, the OCROV website gets heavy traffic. They were experiencing multiple issues with their website provider, with different problems each time along with insufficient support from their vendor. Onica worked alongside the team at OCROV to help migrate their website to AWS, build a development environment, and provide training on AWS development and infrastructure-related best practices.
Onica is an AWS Public Sector Partner
The AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program recognizes APN Partners with solutions and experience in delivering government, education, and nonprofit customer missions around the world.
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